Connections: Carol Peace and Andrew Hood


Sarah Wiseman Gallery is delighted to announce the forthcoming exhibition 'Connections' starting in October.

This exciting new exhibition will feature the work of two of our most highly sought after artists Carol Peace  and Andrew Hood, whose work at first glance differs greatly but on looking more closely, in fact both share a common theme; exploring the connections between our environment and our human relationships, using drawing and observation.

Working in sculpture and in painting respectively, both artists begin by drawing from life; in Carol's case in the life room with a model, or with Andrew Hood, a chosen location in a city street or remote landscape. Both seek an emotional response from what they see, immersing themselves and the viewer into their own perceived world. Forming connections between vision and the page, canvas or clay - pencil, brushes or charcoal becomes an extension of the eye, arm and hand.

The exhibition promises to be a visual and sensual feast, both sculpture and painting in an exploration of texture, dynamic mark making, movement and colour.