The Jamaica Street Connection : Group Exhibition


A selected group from Jamaica Street Artists will exhibit a diverse and compelling range of paintings, celebrating the long-standing connection between the gallery and one of the largest and most dynamic creative-led studios in the country.

 Gallerists are often asked how they find the artists that they represent. The answer is not a straight forward one as the process is often a mixture of happy coincidence, word-of-mouth and, of course, a great interest in contemporary art. Sometimes emerging creative talent is brought to our attention by artists with whom we already work and this is how Sarah Wiseman Gallery came to show art by several artists from Bristol-based Jamaica Street Artists, one of the largest and most dynamic, creative-led studios in the country.

The Bristol art world is vibrant and high-reaching with many prominent galleries and exhibition spaces and the studio has a central place in this thriving community. Jamaica Street Artists is a varied group of around 40 members which include fine artists, illustrators, film makers, photographers, sculptors, animators, textile and jewellery artists. They exhibit, collaborate and work nationally and world-wide, while recent critically acclaimed exhibitions have solidified the group's position as one of the country's most exciting and ambitious art collectives.

The exhibition will focus on contemporary painting by a selected group from Jamaica Street Artists. Visitors to the gallery will already be familiar with established Sarah Wiseman Gallery artists Daniel Ablitt, Dan Parry-Jones and Andrew Hood while Elaine Jones, Kate Evans, Abigail Reed, Serena Curmi and Clare Bonnet will be new introductions.

Painting is a strong aspect of the studio profile; a fact which allows these artists to explore their chosen field in a supportive and constructive environment.  The works featured in the exhibition will span representations of landscape as well as figurative studies based on drawing practice.

We are very pleased to include new works by Dean Patman in the exhibition. Dean creates intricately detailed and characterful animals, birds and insects using found objects and recycled materials.