Christmas Exhibition Part II

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    Christmas Exhibition | Par II new additions by Veronica Wells, Fletcher Prentice & Andrew Hood with glass sculpture by Helen Slater


    Veronica Wells follows up with new pieces after her hugely successful exhibition ‘Faces Amongst Spaces’ in May this year. Her figurative paintings Veronica is an emerging talent, specialising in fashion-inspired portraiture. She draws her influences from popular culture, examining images that portray an idealised way of life. Fashion, material possessions, image, style, and relationships are all explored enticing the viewer into her world. Mixing rough and broad brushstrokes with finer, more intricate details, Veronica Wells’ paintings questions ideas of perfection.


    The new collection has a hint of cinema diva, echoing icons from film, like the femme fatale of ‘Passenger’ looking directly at us from the back of a car; to mysterious women in 'It's A Wrap', hidden by her giant sunglasses,  a look me aloof attitude. 


    Fletcher Prentice’s new paintings of exuberant floral compositions bring a glamour of their own. The rich light of these works have a feeling of a Dutch still life, made contemporary by Fletcher’s light brush work and the shimmering glow of the flowers. The compositions teem with life, each one contains extraordinary detail, birds and butterflies adding points of focus.


    Andrew Hood by contrast takes us right back to the long heady days of summer, with a collection of large scenes from his travels through Europe this year. Italian beach scenes, filled with people enjoying the sun, framed by azure seas and blue skies, remind us of those special days out with family and friends. Small hamlets and towns greet us, warm ochre buildings, surrounded by palm trees and greenery all in Andrew’s distinctive semi- abstract expressive style.


    Helen Slater's , technical mastery of cast glass continues to marvel with three new sculptures. Helen captures her drawings of trees, branches and hedgerows between layers of cast glass. Using a combination of clear, coloured and opaline glass these layered sculptures change in the light throughout the day. At times we seeg a soft frosty white scene which transitions to the warm glow of dusk or rich winter sunset depending on the ambient light source.


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