Zoë Taylor

A landscape artist based in the Worcestershire, Zoë Taylor works in oil with cold wax on aluminium panel. Often dramatic and awe-inspiring, her compositions are painted with great confidence and skill. Depending on the season and the light, the colours evoke a range of emotions in the viewer. Zoë's work is a response to the raw, emotional power of the land, its intense elemental energy and unpredictability. Using lavish, gestural marks, she describes a dramatic landscape from an almost elevated perspective, so the viewer feels as though they are standing upon a high view point. 

She hopes these images will key into a personal bank of landscape memory held by the viewer.

'I don't tell the viewer where they are [painted from], it is for them to feel that place and find it in their heart,' says Zoë.

She is "inspired by the worked land and the skies here in Britain, these have made us who we are and are intensely emotional, powerful voices that are part of our very soul."