Sue Bartlett's striking work is born from a love of colour, form and materials. Her signature works are made from wax and glass applied whilst still fluid with a deft use of movement, by pouring, dribbling and splashing. The contrasting textures of the shining glass and matt of the wax are a key element in the character of Sue's paintings, the shine somehow alluding to a still- liquid state, tempting enough to eat; whilst the wax is warmer, softer and more tactile. Sue Bartlett's subject matter ranges from natural forms and landscapes, to patterns and abstract shapes. She investigates colour, contrasting muted tones with sharper highly pigmented shades of red, orange, cobalt and melting iridescent textures.


Sue Bartlett comes from a family of makers, parents, grandparents and siblings who made their living as furniture makers, seamstresses and French polishers. The familiar scents and textures of their raw materials were part of her childhood and she felt that although their 'art' was their occupation, there was still a deep fulfilment to the 'making' and producing the extraordinary out of the very ordinary. It is this fascination with the process of making and the experimentation of materials that Sue Bartlett brings to her own work, producing colourful, abstract wax pieces that are tactile and have been described as 'organic' and 'edible'. She enjoys the idea that they appear to be spontaneous and gestural and yet are very carefully considered both in the choice of shape and form and of colour.