Sam Walker

There is an intriguing sense of construction and assemblage about Sam Walker's ceramics. Handbuilt from flat slabs of ceramics, the vessels are decorated with what appears to be seams, buttons or studs, stitches and patterns, hinting at inspiration from textiles . Sloping edges and soft shapes also add to the play on material, the viewer's thoughts drawn to pliant textures such as vintage linen and leather.


Sam Walker has spent a long time experimenting with different techniques to arrive at the type of vessels she now creates in her Kent studio. Liquid coloured clays are applied to the surface of the flat, shaped clay before the ceramics are assembled into their final shapes. There is a freedom in the process which ensures that no two pieces are ever the same and Sam enjoys any unexpected outcomes as part of her aesthetic. 


Pretty blues and pinks in simple patterns give the ceramics a light-hearted and cheerful quality which have earned her work admirers from all over the UK.