Emily Powell | New Collection

We’re delighted to bring you a stunning new collection by the acclaimed young artist Emily Powell.


Emily’s spontaneity, humour and freshness of line clearly defines her painting. Her subject matter ranges from the landscape and coastline that surrounds her coastal home in Brixham, Devon, to interiors and surreal still life or even flying wildlife.


Her current collection on show includes this gorgeous, effervescent work on canvas ‘The Birds Embody Freedom, They Have Good Souls You Can Tell’ filled with audacious flora and a flock of white birds in flight. She’s also painted a cheerful still life ‘The Warmth of The Family Home.’ Her brushstrokes are rapid and filled with movement as if she has spotted the scene before her, set up her canvas and begun painting at once. 


Emily’s painting eschews formality in favour of play, embracing family life (following the birth of her daughter in the winter of 2021) with no surface or media impractical to her. She experiments with sculpture too, making work on large pieces of fabric or cardboard. She says ‘I’m all about colour, letting go & having fun. I don’t believe art has to be super serious.’

February 3, 2023