Louise Davies

Louise Davies, printmaker, uses vivid colour as an intuitive response to landscape. In her experimental approach to printmaking, she allows veils of colour to layer over one another, along with deep velvety tones that contrast with delicate, spontaneous etched lines and textures. This technique is a vital tool for her to describe the light and atmosphere of a particular place, making it tangible to the viewer. Using semi-abstraction and keeping the imagery loose, she is tapping into the viewer's shared memories of landscape by highlighting the sensory impact of colour and light effect. In her print series of snow-covered mountains in France, one can almost feel the chill and stillness in the air following a fresh snowfall. In her more recent series on London, the neon glow of buildings lit at night tells of the excitement of a city buzzing at night.   


There is a sense of alchemy with Louise's printmaking, owing to the series of lengthy processes before the plate reaches the press. Rather than plan meticulously each stage as many printmakers do, Louise is happy to allow the processes to lead her.  Her prints are constantly evolving; she is never sure exactly how each edition will turn out.  She will work in a diverse range of printmaking, from collograph to etching and aquatint, making for a range of textural marks and planes.


Louise studied at Central St Martin's School, before completing an MA in printmaking at Camberwell College of Art. She is an elected member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers and is the recipient of the Camberwell MA Intagilo Print Prize, the Curwen Print Prize and the Zenith Purchase Prize.