Kate's work is inspired by her travels to remote areas of America, Scandinavia and Europe. She aims to transport the viewer to a different time and place, creating an atmosphere of a setting rather than a precise representation of a specific place. Her landscapes are "amalgamations of different locations and memories of a place".


Watercolour is Kate's preferred medium as it gives an immediacy to the process of painting and emphasizes the quality of her markmaking, both aspects which she values greatly in her artistic practice. Kate also appreciates how watercolour can  be used to achieve different effects. It can be applied in delicate layers, as a pencil mark or deeply pigmented and rich.


A recent series of works depict bleak and desolate farms using watercolour, pencil and sometimes oil, set against a wide expanse of white, conveying a sense of the wilderness and isolation of these landscapes. Her use of pale layered washes of muted colours and delicate lines add to the sense of the insubstantial of these human efforts.