Jane Skingley is drawn to wide, expansive skies and dramatic cloud formations, but also more hidden forested pockets of landscape, sheltered by trees and the filtered light.

'My work is about capturing moments,' she says. 'It could be the beach that I went to as a child, or on a family holiday, or the view from my daily country walk. Images may be based on a fleeting memory or a place that is visited over and over, each time seeing something different.'


Her subject matter is technically challenging but Jane has developed methods of applying the paint to the canvas which creates a striking sense of the landscape and natural phenomena at work.

 'Flicking the paint at the canvas seems to create an amazing energy and movement in the clouds and the waves. I've found no other way to create the same movement. Random marks and flicks interest me and sometimes I leave traces of them in my paintings. I am endlessly flicking and smoothing, working with subtle variations of blues, greys and whites until I feel that the painting is just right.'