Elaine's distinctive abstract paintings capture the intensity of light, atmosphere and natural elements of locations experienced during her travels. In this recent body of work,  Elaine has painted strikingly dramatic landscapes and seascapes. Rather than precise representations, the paintings have an ethereal nature, evoking a sense of the otherworldly and transcendental.  A cool palette conveys a sense of the location, smooth tonal fields contrast with splodges and drips, balancing the simple lines of the composition. By manipulating elements of control in her work with chance,  she echoes the impermanence, fragility and changeability within all things.


Elaine says: "Colour, alongside texture, is the main ingredient to my work. I am particularly interested in the contrast between heavily textured areas and the very flat, serene and blended areas of paint. Many ideas for my palette stem from colours experienced in different places, such as those from the Mediterranean, Africa or the South of England."