In her latest work, Clare Bonnet paints semi-abstract female forms with mostly broad, simplified brushstrokes, placing the figure in ambiguous, sparse interiors and juxtaposing fine detail with strong, clearly defined lines and large areas of solid, vibrant colour.


Clare Bonnet says: "Combining oil paint with a variety of other materials allows me to contrast areas of loose mark making alongside fine blending. The comparison of expressive and painterly versus formal and traditional brings an immediacy to the work."  She creates an intriguing play between realism and abstraction.


Clare's technique creates an interesting effect in her works: "When painting I focus on upholding the essence and vitality of the figure, leaving areas unfinished or outlined in order to suggest tension or movement. I aim to give the viewer a notion of possibility - a sense that something has just happened or is about to happen." The warm colours and softness of the nude figures contrast with sharp, dissecting lines and often cold light of the surroundings, giving the composition a hint of narrative, an element of the untold.


These paintings represent portraits of individual women, but reveal familiar stories of the female experience: "I am interested in the collaboration between the subject and painter in order to create paintings that hold both universal and personal meaning. The painting begins after discussions and shared experiences between myself and my subject, bringing an honesty and history to the work. Narrative plays a big part in the development of the paintings, although this is not always played out visually. My work explores the struggle and triumphs of individuals, yet aims to provoke a feeling in the viewer that is known to all of us."