Caroline Boggis

Caroline Boggis explores themes around femininity and domestic decoration, informed by her long-held interest in fairy tales. Fairy tales, full of hidden meaning and instruction in morality have been passed down from one generation to the next, instilling in us a kind of collective memory of childhood. The hidden truths become revealed in adulthood, the tales that once charmed us as children are exposed as strange, macabre or even savage. Her particular interest is in how, in this and other cultural contexts, women 'live behind a mask', decorating themselves and their homes. They are at once expected to be demure and domestic, yet decorative and alluring.


In her paintings, the scraps of vintage textiles she has collected over the years or inherited from her mother and grandmother are immersed in resin, removed from their domestic setting and instead are captured in a clear, hardened liquid. The alluring glossed surface at first catches the eye, with their jewel-like colours and engaging floral patterns but on closer inspection, the viewer finds the pattern and colour is partially obscured by crude fragments of dried, peeled acrylic paint.  The paint covers and draws attention at the same time to the fabric, exploring the tension between hiding, revealing - of camouflage and display.   

Caroline Boggis is a graduate of Wimbledon School of Art and Goldsmiths. She lives and works in Oxford.