Barry Goodman

London's transport, brutalist architecture and concrete may seem unlikely inspiration for an artist but it is the everyday source for Barry Goodman's richly textured collographs. The constant energy and creativity of the city is everywhere in Barry's work, in particular the buses, taxis and underground trains that so many people take for granted. As an artist, he laments the changes that are taking place in the capital, the gentrification of certain boroughs with the building of luxury apartment complexes that is slowly eradicating all that makes London unique. However the recent celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics have meant a surge in interest and affection for the city which has inspired Barry's collections of transport printmaking.   'This city has such a rich history when it comes to vehicles and many have become iconic,' he explains. 'What represents London better than a black cab or a red double decker?'


Barry Goodman takes his sketchbook with him everywhere, he is able to record anything that he may stumble upon whilst out and about - a rust-stained concrete structure or dilapidated old car. Other influences stem from his childhood collections of vintage tin toys, which informs his work with its playful, nostalgic humour. The granular texture of working with collograph lends itself well to Barry's subject matter, embossed lines bring out the linear shapes of the cars and buses, as well as the text and lettering.


Barry Goodman became a full time artist following a successful career as an art director for advertising companies. He took the plunge in 2001 and since then his work has become highly sought after, acquired in collections all around the world. Most recently his work has been purchased for the The Library of Congress, Washington D.C. and the China Printmaking Museum for both their permanent collections. Barry is a member of The California Society of Printmakers, San Francisco, USA.