Athol Whitmore is the artistic equivalent of Peter Pan who marvels in the essence of play and believes strongly in the potency of childhood. Since graduating, from Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art with an MFA in Fine Art, he has developed a multidisciplinary approach to his art work. He is unconstrained by medium, producing works using a diverse range of found materials that unify his practice by provoking thoughts on childhood and nostalgia. 


Athol Whitmore's parents dealt in second-hand bric a brac and collectables, so his childhood was filled with curious, abandoned objects with an unknown history. He acknowledges this as the starting point for his love of objects and has developed an impressive archive. Athol gives the object a new purpose, using media such as gloss paint, enamel and duct tape to depict nostalgic images from an ambiguous time.


Athol Whitmore's belief in the power and importance of childhood oozes out of his glossy, bright and textural works; using pop-art aesthetic, juxtaposed with the vintage objects, makes Athol's nostalgic works universal. In front of his work, ones' inner Peter Pan stirs.