Claire Oxley's work is distinctive by its colour intensity and rhythmic mark making. Taking inspiration from her surrounding landscape, her starting point is often the passing seasons and wide, changing skies of her East Anglian home.

Some of her paintings contrast softer colour with punches of much stronger tones, almost neon pinks or yellows. Other works are much subtler with only tiny variations in shade.  Claire says:

'I have produced a collection of paintings that chart and describe the rhythms, seasons, skies, seas and fields and foliage of East Anglia; landscapes of energy and flux. These are works that are felt and heard and much as seen, stirring memories and experiences from these vast counties. Unexpected colour combinations are intended to inspire, and bring energy to interior spaces.'


Claire is also inspired by modern European painters such as Klee, Van Gogh and Matisse, as well as Paul Nash and Eric Ravilious.  Claire's sense for colour runs deep - as a 'synaesthete', her sense of colour and hearing sounds are felt by her interchangeably.

Studying first at the Norwich School of Art, Claire completed her degree at Lancaster, followed by a Masters in Musicology at St Catherine's College, Oxford.