The contemporary art world is one of seemingly endless choice and taking the first step in purchasing an artwork for your home or business may seem a daunting prospect. Whether you are an experienced art collector and confident in your choices of artworks or new to the idea of buying art and looking for some advice, Sarah Wiseman Gallery can assist you in finding the ideal artwork for your space.


Sarah Wiseman Gallery represents a diverse group of around 40 artists and in addition we possess an enviable contact list of talented artists from all over the UK. If you would like our guidance to enhance your space, we will listen closely to your requirements and present carefully considered suggestions.


Perhaps you are looking to buy an artwork for personal enjoyment, or with an eye to potential investment, as an art enthusiast or as a corporate statement? Sarah Wiseman Gallery has the expertise and creativity to rise to the challenges of a great variety of projects with considerable experience working with private individuals, businesses and interior designers.


Get in touch via e-mail,, or give us a call, 01865 515123.