Annabelle Shelton

Annabelle Shelton is drawn to spaces where large crowds assemble, such playing fields, shopping streets and in her recent paintings, the crowds on holiday beaches.  She paints on aluminium, eliminating the obvious landscape markers such as the sand, the sun and the water. Instead she picks out the sunbathers and their paraphernalia, their gaudy parasols and swimming attire in bright contrast to the smooth white background of the aluminium.  These figures are in isolation from their environment, but aren't entirely disconnected from one another, rather more laid out in constellations and natural patterns as they gather along invisible waterlines.

Annabelle's strength of drawing and the immediacy of her watercolour brushstrokes bring out a movement and a distinctive character in each of the figures she paints. Each may be part of a large crowd, but many individuals are distinctive and memorable by their posture or expression.