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Kathryn Stevens and Matthew David Smith


Kathryn Stevens
Oil on canvas
H70cm x100cm

Matthew David Smith
´Interference Painting 3´
Oil, acrylic, enamel and spray paint on canvas
H40cm x40cm

Kathryn Stevens and Matthew David Smith:

Dynamic painting from emerging young artists, on show from 11th July

Throughout July, we’re delighted to be exhibiting the work of two emerging talents, Kathryn Stevens and Matthew David Smith. These two artists recently graduated from Bath School of Art and Oxford Brookes University respectively, both in painting.

Kathryn Stevens

Kathryn Stevens has already exhibited here at Sarah Wiseman Gallery to great acclaim. Kathryn investigates the language of abstract painting, and the point of departure from ‘representative’ painting, often referring to landscapes by using intersecting lines that play with our natural understanding of the horizon.  She uses the materiality of paint, playing on the controlled and uncontrolled aspects of mark-making and painting. Some parts of her paintings are thickly applied with glosses and varnishes whist other areas are stained with dilute colour or even left raw. Whilst she is working, her canvases are constantly on the move, turned around, flipped upside down, almost as if in performance.   

Her paintings have an almost unfinished edge which lends a sense of impulse, as if at any moment the picture may change or morph into something else. The mixes of colour, staining and gloss textures all play with the viewer’s perception of depth and plane.

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Matthew David Smith

Matthew David Smith investigates a number of lines of enquiry. He is preoccupied by the urban environment and how this encounters popular culture, and the clash of visual stimuli from the internet. He explores the time-lines of our cities, how the buildings emerge, are collapsed and re-emerge from the foundations. He uses the mass produced imagery that is re-produced and re-hashed hundreds of times over to create new and simple forms. By using collage, spray paints and other mixed media he layers images, pattern and found objects, he is re-animating these images that have had their human connection removed. The ‘Interference’ series appears blurred, sensory and buzzing with a mass of collected imagery and intersecting lines, as if the picture has been interrupted.

Matthew David Smith graduated in 2014 from Oxford Brookes in Fine Art, and has exhibited in London and in Oxford. This is his first exhibition with Sarah Wiseman Gallery.

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New paintings by Daniel Ablitt

We are delighted to have a stunning series of paintings by Bristol-based artist Daniel Ablitt now on show. Daniel's typical approach is to observe landscape, but he does not purely record a likeness of a particular location, but also he explores the landscape's profound effect on us as human beings. Much of Daniel's work is drawn from his experiences travelling. Most recently he has visited Patagonia and the Middle East.

His new series of paintings recall the wonder we have of mountains, oceans and forests, and our child-like sense of smallness in the world. These features in the landscape - a mountain, a forest or a lake make regular appearances as settings in folk-tales and myth, so have become woven into a collective memory we all share. He will place a tiny figure somewhere to enhance the sense of scale, or a tiny distant light, alluding to a mysterious inhabitant or traveller.

We were especially struck by the large-scale 'Leap of Faith' which at first looks like it might be upside-down. But then your eye is drawn to the jetty on the left, and the tiny figure of a swimmer, about to leap into a great lake, reflecting the sky above it. The lake, which takes up the majority of the composition, reveals to us a vast world, of reflected mountains and beyond that a carpet of stars. In an exhilarating play on our natural understanding of depth and distance, the painting draws us in so that we too, feel about to make that leap.


Dan Ablitt
´A Leap of Faith´
Oil on canvas
H120cm x150cm

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