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Starting on Saturday 14th March, we're launching a show that is simply bursting with Spring energy. Filled with ceramics, painting, sculpture and printmaking, there is a wealth of beautiful things to see from artists and makers around the UK. Keep an eye out for further updates - the new stock is arriving almost daily at the gallery, keeping us very busy!

SPRING SHOW: Saturday 14th March - Saturday 25th April

Now on Show: Steven MacIver

Keeping within our abstract theme for the moment, we've got beautiful new paintings by Steven MacIver now on show. Much of Steven's work is an exploration of spaces, both interior and exterior, described by the lines he 'excavates' using intersecting lines and planes. 

These stunning new works are a continuation of study and exploration of Steven's native Orkney Islands, in particular the ancient and mysterious standing stones at Ring of Brodgar. Steven has turned his attention to this theme after many years of living away from home, finding the mental space to observe these sites with an objective eye.

Currently he lives and works in Oxfordshire, and is working on private commissions and towards a solo show in New York.

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Steven MacIver
īBrodgar (Phthalo, Violet, Black) on Goldī
Oil, gold leaf and gloss on canvas
H100cm x 80cm


Robin Pickering
īSanta Maria della Salute Sunsetī
Pastel on paper
H50cm x41cm Framed

'Venice' by Robin Pickering

There's a beautiful new collection of pastel drawings by Robin Pickering. These smaller works are a lovely interpretation of the soft lights of an atmospheric city, where Robin makes regular trips. '"From the moment I first arrived in Venice – stepping onto a vaporetto on the Grand Canal one February evening during the carnival – I have been bewitched by this extraordinary city.  Whenever I go there something stirs in me, ' he explains.

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Exhibition News:

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