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Throughout March/April we're celebrating all things printed! Be it silkscreen, etching or aqua-tint, this way of working has never been more diverse.

Because artists working in printmaking tend to work in editions or multiples, the price-point of each print is usually much more accessible, making collecting prints an ideal way to begin (or add to) an art collection. However, it's worth knowing that many artists spend years perfecting their print-making, with hours and hours of studio time going in to making each edition – so with purchasing an original print, you will have a unique piece of fine art to treasure for years to come. We work with a great number of artists working in various print-making media – this is just a small sample of what's on show now in the gallery. To see more of our printmakers, click here.

Clare Halifax

Clare began her career as a textile designer, selling her designs all around the world. She then took her Masters in Printmaking at The University of West England, specialising in silkcreen print making. Her work is instantly recognisable, which incorporates her beautifully detailed, but eccentric drawing style contrasted with large expanses of sky or green fields.

Click here to read more about Clare Halifax.

Clare Halifax 'Flying Over Oxford Rooftops'

Mychael Barratt 'The Reader'

Mychael Barratt

Currently the president of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, Mychael who is originally from Canada has worked continually in etching since graduating from Central St Martin's School in 1990. Mychael's knowledge and enthusiasm for the worlds of literature and fine art are often to be found in his work, with series celebrating Dickens, Chaucer and artists from throughout the ages. Mychael's speciality is etching, which is a technique that goes back to Rembrandt's era.

Click here to read more about Mychael Barratt.

Catherine Rayner

Catherine Rayner is an author/illustrator based in Edinburgh. Her creatures are brought to life using spontaneous and vivacious line that explores movement and personality. Usually placed on a white back-ground, each of her creatures looks as if it has accidentally strayed onto a story-book page. Catherine won the Kate Greenaway Medal for her book ‘Harris Finds his Feet', as well as a host of other accolades and awards. Her picture books are translated and loved around the world.

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Catherine Rayner 'Susan, Mark and Gulliver'

Sarah Spackman


Also on Show: Don't miss Sarah Spackman's new collection

After a recent trips to Fez and Ireland, Sarah Spackman's distinctive still life paintings contain elements of both Ireland's dramatic coastline, and colour and pattern of Morrocco.

Gallery director Sarah Wiseman recently wrote about a visit to the artist Sarah's studio during February, remarking on what a privilege it is to see behind the scenes of an artist's working processes. You can read more about her visit by clicking here.

Click here to see the new collection.

Richard Fox

Rachel Gracey

Bee Bartlett


We're delighted to be taking part in this year's Oxford Artweeks, the county's largest annual visual arts festival. We'll be showcasing three of our Oxfordshire-based artists, all of whom take inspiration from their local area. With one printmaker, (Rachel Gracey) one painter (Bee Bartlett)and one sculptor (Richard Fox) we've got quite a variety of work to enjoy!


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Exhibition news

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